SPA: how to dress for the wellness center

In your bag (not too big so as not to close the locker room) you can’t miss the bathing suit. It is the fundamental garment to bring for your stay in the SPA. It should be practical and comfortable, so we recommend the slip for the man and the two-piece for the woman. Moreover, in order not to encounter any cooling caused by thermal changes during the journey, it is necessary to prevent the sweat produced during the sauna or the dampness of the pools stagnate on the skin. Conditions that could be favored by wearing a women’s one-piece swimsuit or men’s shorts. Bring a spare costume in case you get pampered through treatments where it could get dirty, like mud or a nice massage with essential oils.

Bathrobe and Towel
Although modern facilities often provide everything you need (we suggest you get information at the wellness center that will host you) the bathrobe will allow you to move around comfortably within the wellness program. A small and microfiber bathrobe is ideal because it dries better and is not bulky. To avoid getting too wet, you can use a towel to dry your legs and hair, so you can use the bathrobe only to move around. For hygiene reasons, the towel will be useful to put under the body during the Finnish sauna or to dry the sweat in the sauna or steam room.

Slippers and headphones
The slippers are essential to avoid direct contact with the floor, reducing the risk of fungi and bacteria or slipping. The headphones may be required to access the pool.

Nail salon
If you have decided to spend the whole weekend at the spa, you could bring a clean suit and sneakers to take advantage of the gym that many facilities make available to their customers. Finally, add clothes for the evening. They will be light or not according to the season in which you will stay in the SPA and end the evening with a delicious dinner.