Search Engine Marketing and The Local SEO Challenge

SEO Is Far More Complicated Than It Used To Be

SEO is a necessity if you have a website that you rely on for business or professional success. You have to get your online property to rank highly for search terms and phrases that are related to your content so that people find it through their favorite search engines and then come to it. Hopefully, once there, your site is designed well-enough to sport a high conversion rate of the traffic it gets.

SEO used to be a simple enough matter. You just had to generate a lot of backlinks. Some webmasters did them in the thousands to millions. Blog networks and article directories were flooded with low-quality content just for getting keywords stuffed in there for backlinks search engines would see.

Major updates by Google and other search engines turned this tactic upside down, since it was creating artificial results that diminished the very quality of their products, which is useful and accurate search engine results for their users.

NYC SEO Firm is still possible, but it’s a very different animal now. Backlinks still matter greatly, but it’s a lot more complicated. Just having the right keyword and high volume is no longer enough. In fact, that can get your website penalized.

On the other hand, having backlinks from high-reputation sites of good page rank with related content makes your site look very authoritative. It’s also good to have backlinks from many sites across the Internet, and not just a huge cluster of them from one blog network or similar article directories. Those are still useful, but in moderation. Also get backlinks from social media, and make sure your backlinks are also ‘fresh’ in their dates. Your website content should likewise be of high caliber and also up to date too, to be useful to Google users.

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