"Brought into right relationships with the wilderness, man would see that his appropriation of Earth's resources beyond his personal needs would only bring imbalance & beget ultimate loss & poverty for all" - John Muir

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Renewable Energy
Understanding S.536/H.3425 PDF Print E-mail
Renewable Energy News
Here is a fact sheet on S.536/H.3425: The Energy System Freedom of Ownership Act: word & pdf.
Third-Party Solar Leasing Information PDF Print E-mail
Renewable Energy News


As electricity rates across South Carolina climb higher and higher, utility customers are looking for ways toease the strain of rising energy bills. Many customers want to generate their own electricity, but few canafford the high upfront costs of installing a renewable energy system. Using the power of free markets, H.3425 empowers any utility customer to finance their own renewable energy project with private capital.Through this policy, legislators can help utility customers lower their electric bills while simultaneouslycreating local jobs and improving South Carolina’s economy.
Click here to tell your representatives you want solar power in South Carolina.
Read more: Third-Party Solar Leasing Information
Harness the Sun PDF Print E-mail
Renewable Energy News

Harness the Sun's Powerful Rays

New on NASA's Climate Kids

A tiny magnifying glass can focus just a little bit of the Sun’s light into a beam strong enough to start a small fire. Imagine doing the same thing with an entire field’s worth of sunlight! This powerful beam is the key ingredient in the newest form of solar power—concentrating solar power.

Read all about this new technology at Climate Kids: http://climatekids.nasa.gov/concentrating-solar.



Solar Leasing Hearing PDF Print E-mail
Renewable Energy News

Come out and support S.536 (the Solar Leasing Bill)


The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, consisting of Senators Rankin, Hutto and Turner, will debate S.536 tomorrow! Please join us in support of solar leasing on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 10am in Room 308 of the Gressette Building on the Statehouse Grounds in Columbia.

Solar Leasing Article PDF Print E-mail
Renewable Energy News

Editorial: Solar power leasing, a good idea with potential

"When you turn on a light switch you expect a dark room to brighten.

But where does that power come from? Well, usually it comes from a coal-fired power plant that adds pollutants to our air and water."

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