"Brought into right relationships with the wilderness, man would see that his appropriation of Earth's resources beyond his personal needs would only bring imbalance & beget ultimate loss & poverty for all" - John Muir

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Mercury Reduction
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Mercury Reduction News

Sierra Club Applauds President Obama for Landmark Mercury Protection Measure will protect families, women and children from toxic brain poison

Washington, D.C. -- Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rolled out landmark nationwide protections for toxic mercury from dirty power plants. Mercury is a dangerous brain poison that taints the fish we eat and poses a particular threat to prenatal babies and young children.

Exposure in the bloodstreams of pregnant and nursing women can result in birth defects such as learning disabilities, lowered IQ, deafness, blindness and cerebral palsy. Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of mercury pollution in the United States, pumping more than 33 tons of this dangerous toxin into our air and water each year.

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Hispanics at High Risk from Mercury Pollution PDF Print E-mail
Mercury Reduction News

New Analysis Finds that Hispanics Face Disproportionate Health Threat from Coal Plant's Toxic Mercury Pollution

Percentage of Hispanics who Consume Fish that they Catch, Lack of Bilingual Mercury Advisories are Major Factors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – An analysis of several studies conducted among Latinos reveal that this community faces a disproportionate risk from toxic mercury pollution because of a combination of cultural, economic and linguistic factors.

The analysis – based largely on previously unreleased data from the polling firm Bendixen & Amandi's 2008 National Survey of Latinos on the Environment – provides new evidence that toxic mercury pollution, which primarily comes from coal-fired plants, constitutes a clear and present danger to the health of the Latino community.

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EPA Proposes Mercury Safeguards PDF Print E-mail
Mercury Reduction News

EPA Proposes Strong Safeguards to Protect Children from Toxic Mercury

Sierra Club to Offer Free Mercury Hair Tests Nationwide to Raise Awareness about Health Dangers of Toxin Produced by Coal-Fired Power Plants

Washington, D.C. -- Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a critical air quality standard to protect Americans against life-threatening air pollution such as mercury, arsenic and other air toxics from power plants, which are currently allowed to emit hazardous air pollution without national limits.  The long-overdue and critically important mercury and air toxic standard updates Clean Air Act provisions and establishes emission limits for the nation’s fleet of power plants.  According to EPA, each year the new protection will save as many as 17,000 lives and prevent 120,000 cases of childhood asthma.

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Mercury Reduction News
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