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Update on V.C. Summer Plant Construction PDF Print E-mail
Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Plant Construction on Track, But at What Cost?


On August 7, representatives and project partners of South Carolina Electric & Gas led local journalists across the giant, cratered bed of granite on the shore of Lake Monticello that is the V.C. Summer nuclear site.

Against a bustling backdrop that features the world’s largest crane towering over 1,900 well-paid workers, they championed a controversial $10 billion endeavor to install two new electricity-generating reactors as prudent, cost-efficient and on-track, despite delays.
Radioactive water from Fukushima has reached the sea PDF Print E-mail
Nuclear Energy

"The troubled Fukushima nuclear plant's operators are facing yet more criticism. On Friday the Tokyo Electric Power Co released this footage of a probe from one of the reactors. But Japan's nuclear watchdog said on Monday that radioactive water is seeping into the ocean creating an "emergency" Tepco is struggling to contain. The contaminated groundwater has breached an underground barrier and is rising towards the surface, says the nuclear regulator."


Good news from Fukushima* PDF Print E-mail
Nuclear Energy

There's some good news coming out of Japan about Fukushima.

*N.B. it is heavily qualified and contains a recap of all the bad news.

You can read the article here: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-08-12/secret-good-news-fukushima

The Root of Conservative Is Conserve PDF Print E-mail
Global Warming

A Republican Case for Climate Action

Published: August 1, 2013 51 Comments

EACH of us took turns over the past 43 years running theEnvironmental Protection Agency. We served Republican presidents, but we have a message that transcends political affiliation: the United States must move now on substantive steps to curb climate change, at home and internationally.

The costs of inaction are undeniable. The lines of scientific evidence grow only stronger and more numerous. And the window of time remaining to act is growing smaller: delay could mean that warming becomes “locked in.”

Read more: The Root of Conservative Is Conserve
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