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Michael Brune Responds to Oval Office Address PDF Print E-mail

Response to President Obama's Oval Office Address 

We share the President's grief over the human cost of this tragedy and we agree with the President when he said, "The millions of gallons of oil that have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico are more like an epidemic."

We must make sure we don't just treat the symptoms, but that we also find a cure--and that means ending our dependence on oil.

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Fool Me Once. . . PDF Print E-mail
Nuclear Energy

Click on the image to enlarge this cartoon by Matt Davies:


20,000,000 Gallons and Counting PDF Print E-mail

With an estimated 20,000,000 gallons of oil already contaminating the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and threatening the environmental and economical future of our Gulf Coast states, it is important for us to let our political leaders know that we don't want this to happen again.  Lend your voice to this cause and sign the petition at Oceana to stop all future off-shore drilling for oil.  We need to encourage our politicians to pursue cleaner, more sustainable energy generating sources such as wind and solar.

There is also a short video about the effects of the oil spill in the region.  Warning, some of the images are disturbing.

Food for thought: Warning, Consumption of Oil Will Result in Death! PDF Print E-mail

When I was younger (much, much younger), I played a pen and paper role-playing game with my friends called Twilight 2000 (absolutely no relationship to the current group of popular vampire novels/movies).  The game’s premise revolved around the aftereffects of the world’s nations becoming embroiled in World War III.  A central problem that the player’s characters had to address was that all of their machinery ran on oil and gasoline and the fact that the oil fields and refineries were some of the first strategic targets of both sides.  So the characters are stranded in Warsaw, Poland with no way of communicating with home base or anyone beyond their own group.  They are alone and need to find a way home.  In days gone by the mantra used to be that an army travelled on its stomach; you could only go as far as your supply train could stretch.  It seems that we have a subtle twist on that premise: an army travels on its gas can.

Read more: Food for thought: Warning, Consumption of Oil Will Result in Death!
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