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2014 Leadership Pledge Drive


At the January Executive Committee meeting, we announced the Leadership Pledge Drive and passed out the pledge cards.  I am proud to announce that we raised $6,500 in pledges at that meeting, toward our goal of $10,000 from our   leadership.  Group delegates were asked to take home a stack of pledge cards and pass them out to their group’s ExComs and then mail them back.

As we head into the March Appeal when all South Carolina Sierra Club members will get a letter and be asked to donate, it will be important that we can report that we have 100% support from our leadership.  Anything less is unacceptable at this point.  We’ve been struggling to keep the chapter office open. National gives us less and less every year and has let it be known chapters are on their own and must involve and engage themselves in serious fundraising.  And that starts with the Leadership.


Chapter ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Corbett, Susan Chair, At-large member $500.00
Guild, Bob Vice Chair, At-large member $600.00
Reitzes, Jay Treasurer See Below
Schuhmacher, Rob Conservation Chair / Winyah Group Delegate See Below
Bennett, Steve At-large member $250.00
Cooper, Elaine At-large member See Below
Garvan, Greg At-large member See Below
Hall, Christopher At-large member $120.00
Schneider, Allyn At-large member $1,000.00
McGhee, Kim
Delegate - Robert Lunz Group See Below
Sobczak, Ron Delegate - William Bartram Group See Below
Zdenek, Joe Chair - Henry's Knob Group See Below
Haque, Mary Delegate - Foothills Group See Below
Sutherland-Lawless, Marie Delegate - John Bachman Group See Below

Henry's Knob Group ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Zdenek, Joe Chair $750.00
Al Rogat Vice Chair
Reitzes, Jay Treasurer $250.00
Keenan, Mary
Lorenz, Sherry
Rogers, William
Wilkens, Janis

John Bachman Group ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Cooper, Elaine Chair $180.00
Corbett, Susan Vice Chair See above
Monson, Donald Treasurer $250.00
Rametta, Fran $250.00
Seel, Art $250.00
Sutherland-Lawless, Marie $180.00

Robert Lunz Group ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Hazard, Starr Chair $40.00
Luck, Patricia Vice Chair $25.00
Von Kolnitz, Christine Treasurer $25.00
Silveston, Pete $50.00
Sizemore, Marcus $25.00
Jay, Justin $200.00
Wolters, Mandy $25.00
Garvan, Greg $1,000.00
Jones, Angela $25.00
McGhee, Kim $60.00
Hall, Julia $100.00
Moses, Laura $25.00

William Bartram Group ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Sobczak, Ron Chair $250.00
Mascaro, Karen Vice Chair
Church, Robert Treasurer
Chamberlain, Walter
Fouche, Trey
Thompson, Eric
Wilder, Jean $50.00

Foothills Group ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Powell, Frank Chair


Taylor, Theodore Vice Chair
Manning, Tom Treasurer
Alexandrescu, Ariane
Simoneaux, Kevin
Haque, Mary $1,000.00

Winyah Group ExCom

Name Position Pledge
Ives, Bo Chair
Corley, Michael Vice Chair
(Open Seat) Treasurer
Howell, Peg
Schuhmacher, Bob $100.00
Fee, Dwight
Ellis, Christine