How Much RAM Do I Need?


RAM stands for random access memory.  It is important that you understand what it is and what it does before you go adding it to your computer.  It does not matter if you are upgrading your computer or adding additional memory.  Most people think the more RAM the better and that can be true up to a certain point.  The choice to add more RAM really depends on what programs you intend to run on your computer.

Random access memory is needed for running your programs faster.  Your hard drive is actually very slow when it comes to deciphering information.  Most processors are very fast and your hard drive just cannot keep up with it.  The RAM is used to hold certain information until your hard drive can store it.  If you do not have enough RAM then your computer is going to be super slow.  If you are running a program that requires a certain amount of RAM and you do not have enough, your hard drive will try to catch some of the memory.  That in turn makes your computer slow.

Most system requirements need your computer to have at least 2GB of RAM.  That is usually enough RAM for a casual user or a student.  It really depends on what programs that you want to run as to how much RAM you should have.  For a moderate user who likes to download music and movies 4GB to 6GB should be enough.  If you run a business or you love to play games and download lots of movies then 8GB is going to be what you want.  However, keep in mind that more RAM equals more money.  When you step up the RAM you are getting into some big bucks.  So really evaluate your needs before you spend money on something you may not even need.

How SEO can help your Online Marketing Strategy

SEO as an Online Marketing Strategy

If you want to find out what the benefits of SEO are, you’ll find them below. It can be hard to learn all about a new topic like this at first. That’s why it’s good to see what you can expect from the service before doing anything else.

It’s not that expensive to work with search engine optimization. You can hire people to come up with content for your website, for instance, for very little. You can then use things like your new website content to draw in traffic, which then turns into new customers some of the time. In other words, the return you get when you use SEO is way more than the money you initially put into it. It can take a few months to really get going, but once you do it’s nice to know that people are finally checking your site out regularly.

Search engines can be used to advertise on to people from all over the world. Instead of just relying on whatever local marketing methods you can make, you can get your website in front of people all around the world at any time of the day. You can even pay to have ads placed in search results that you only have to pay for if people click on them(Pay Per Click). There are so many benefits to using SEO that it shows when you look at how Google is one of the top sites in the world and has been for a long time. To know how an SEO expert can help your online marketing strategy you can get in touch with Hudda InfoTech – Expert SEO Services theyatlanta seo also offer free website audit for your website.

As time goes on, technology changes. Search sites stay on top of this and they make it easier to rank if you stick with trends. When smartphones became a huge deal, mobile friendly sites ended up being closer to the top of results than anything else from then on. You can count on the search sites like Google to evolve, and that’s nice due to the fact that it keeps you in front of people on whatever device they are using. Times will change, and search sites will change with them so they can remain at the top of the web.

SEO strategy helps you not only to rank your website on top on search results but also to use your social profiles to be ranked so they come up organically in search results. To check out how social profiles are being used visit Behance profile for Atlanta SEO Expert and Vimeo Profile for Atlanta SEO Services.

It’s not that hard to see the benefits of SEO when you put it to good use. Hire someone to help with it and learn all you can about the subject. Then you can take advantage of all of the traffic that comes your way!

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